Ninja Nguyen started his martial arts journey when he was four years old, growing up in a small fishing village in Vietnam.


He continued to train in refugee camps, where martial arts served as his guiding light while he struggled to learn English in unfamiliar classrooms, preparing to come to America. Ninja originally worked in security for nightclubs before finally opening his own dojo and building the life he has today. A devoted husband and father of three, he is the owner of Xtreme Ninja Martial Arts Center in Boston, which currently trains more than 500 students.

Book published by Lion Crest Publishing

A Who’s Who of martial artists, Master Ninja Nguyen shares his powerful teaching philosophy to his parents & students in his first book. However, this book is not just about martial arts & how to become a better martial artist. This book is seeded in my teacher’s lessons of leadership & self-empowerment which he has come upon in a lifetime of teaching children & adults to become better versions of themselves.
— Nancy Paz

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I know nothing about martial arts, but Ninja’s personal story combines an honesty and inspiration that compelled me to read this simple—yet purposeful—book. Broken down into the tenets of martial arts, each chapter asks the reader to consider just how the energy spent on practicing or perfecting one’s craft can also easily apply to life and relationships. This is a unique combination of self-help, mindfulness, parenting, and relationship building.
— Maria Henehan

There’s something for everyone in this book.